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Ministry Of External Affairs MEA Apostille Attestation

Trust Attestation Services provide Apostille and attestation by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi to Resident Indian, Non-Resident Indians, and international clients. Documents issued in India which required to be used in foreign country must be authenticated and legalized or Apostilled by MEA New Delhi before they can be recognized as valid abroad. The Apostille and attestation on specific type document by the Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi, India for the documents to be used in Heauge Convention signatory countries. If the country where you intend to use your documents is a member of the Hague Convention, you need you educational and general documents attested by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. However, if the country in which you want to use documents is not one of the member country of Heague Convention then there would a general attestation by Ministry of External Affairs, India without any Apostille Sticker.

Certificate Attestation for Embassy/Consulate HRD MEA

Apostille and Attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs can be affixed on birth certificates, death certificates, power of attorney, marriage certificates, educational certificates and affidavits. Before getting the Attestation from MEA all the concerned documents must be attested by regional offices located in every state from where document originated. Our aim is to relieve you from this burden of attestation from Home department, HRD department established and authorized in each state. We also do the authentication and legalization on documents from all states before Apostille from MEA.

Certified translation and MEA Apostille for academic certificates

An attested document or papers is required for so many purposes in foreign country, including but not limited to interpreted copy of documents, college mark sheets, Date of birth certificates, marriage certificates, and real estate or property documents etc. We certification and attestation of documents through our expert employees from all department of respective state government. This attestation of certificates is valid throughout India and in foreign country. The documents we got attested from govt departments are Non-judicial Affidavits, Judicial Affidavits, Undertakings, Indemnity bonds, Copy of Property Deeds and Copy of transcripts etc. We do Public Notary Attestation or SDM attestation on documents originated in India.

Documents required for Attestation
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