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Degree, Certificate, and Non- Education Certificate Apostille and Attestation In India

If you are planning to study or work outside India then you must have come across the words Apostille and Attestation. These are very important for everyone to get their documents apostille or attested as per required by the foreign countries. There is lots of confusion among people about when you need to get your work done properly so that you will not face any problem. So, it is very important to understand the importance of both terminology.

What Is Apostille

As per ministry of external affairs apostille is accepted among members of Hague Convention.This convention is concluded on 25th of October 1980 and become effective from 1st of December 1983. It is acceptable among 105 member countries. Apostille is done for personal and educational documents like birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, power of attorney, educational degree, diploma, certificate etc. Apostille is attached with original documents to authenticate its genuineness and get easily acceptable to all member countries. The main advantage of this is that if it is done by one state than it is acceptable among all member countries. It is issued by MEA Govt of India.

What Is Attestation

Attestation is done for those countries which are not a member of Hague Convention.It is a method to authenticate documents issued in India by a competent authority appointed by the government of India. Respective state have their requirement of documents which should be verified by MEA Govt of India. For this they need attestation from a competent authority. Many times people also get confused between notary and attestation. Notarization is performed by only notary appointed by the respective State Govt or Govt of India or by the SDM while the latter can be done by the Department of Home Affairs in Indian government service and signature, stamp, and official seal is required.

If you go for all this work by all alone than it will become cumbersome and tiring. There are lots of formalities which if you are unaware of them, may lead to long time for you to get it completed properly. Even there is confusion between apostille and attestation because of different requirements of different countries. If it is not done accordingly may cause wastage of time, money and energy. There are other things also like notary which is also important as and when required. So, what is the solution. Here comes us, who can help you in completing all formalities within time and properly so that you will not face any kind of problem.

Our Services

If you are wishing to move in Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait than our service is best. We are known for authentic and fast work. Our services include apostille or attestation of documents in:

  • Qatar Embassy
  • Kuwait Embassy
  • UAE Embassy
  • Saudi Arabia Embassy
  • HRD
  • MEA
  • Visa Stamping
  • Translation Services

Not limiting our services to Middle East countries but we also provide our services to other parts of the world like China, UK, USA, and many more.

You can contact us for apostille and attestation of Birth, death, marriage, divorce, experience, educational certificates etc from HRD, MEA, GAD, SDM, NOTARY, HOME MINISTRY, SECRETARIAT, FOREIGN MINISTRY, EMBASSY, CONSULATE and all other related departments. We have branches in all major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, and Ahmedabad. We are also in constant expansion of our branches. For more detail on our location visit our website.

It is a very easy process, you have to just fill the query form or call us and we will help you for a very nominal fee. Many other agency offers you with least price but when you approach them they start showing you their hidden charges. On the contrary, our services and all charges excluding government fee is transparent to our customers. That's why we are famous among our customers for apostille and attestation. We understand the problem of customers that's why we give priority to everyone. Many people have a shortage of time, some have problem in their documents, and many more. Our expertise are well aware of such issues which can hinder your work and are able to cater such problem. We can assure you if you are with us than you don't need to worry about any legal or technical issues. Our expertise are there always for you to help you for every situation.

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