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MEA | Attestation/Apostile of Documents and Implementation

Congratulations! On your decision to shift overseas for healthier future. Now is the time to prepare your documents and to know everything about it. As visa requirement is straight forward the most alarming thought for any applicant is of a visa rejection.

What is MEA Attestation?

Ministry of External Affairs is a part of Central Government who fulfill documents verification. It is a branch of Government responsible for foreign matters. Before obtaining an MEA attestation stamp on document there are many steps to be followed. But, steps for legalization of documents vary on the basis of document type. For example personal, educational and commercial documents will have different process of MEA authentication.

Incase applicants wants to get attestation done by their own without involving an agency following are the difficulties they may encounter with;

1. In some cases 95% of applicants fail to complete steps properly. This causes delay in visa approval.

2. Also, on your own cases, apostille procedure possibly will take up to 45 days and 66 steps to be followed. Which involves;

  • Visiting to different Government Departments in various cities/states.
  • Filling out various application forms.
  • • Standing in long queues for hours.
  • Wasting time and money travelling between these places – sometimes by plane and sometimes by train.

MEA Attestation Services in Noida

In Noida, Trust Attestation Services is one of the finest attestation services that give verified MEA attestation. Trust Attestation Services has employed attentive staff with deep knowledge of attestation process. We assure that we provide best of services and guaranteed customer satisfaction. We also make sure procedure accessible and update at different levels for you. Our focus is either attaining MEA legalization from the Central Government on your behalf or gives you a non-stop pass without a queue.

How to get attestation from Ministry of External Affairs in Noida?

Trust Attestation Services is listed among the chief attestation services in Noida. In case you’re looking for MEA attestation agency in Noida, you have reached to the right page. We give documents certification to different levels of legalization and also provide MEA authentication when required. We facilitate all kinds of documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, degree certificate and a lot more.

Trust Attestation Services is client focused agency that thinks about your ease and make you experience prompt services while sitting at home. We also facilitate pick-up and delivery of documents. You just need to give detail of service required; submit original documents; make online payment and we will get your certificate attested.

Ministry of External Affairs Attestation Procedure

MEA Attestation process contains various steps of seals and certification. They all change depending over kind of document legalization is wanted. MEA is a closing step of certificate legalization at Government of home nation. The steps are mentioned below:

  • Notary Attestation
  • State Government
  • MEA Stamp
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