MEA Apostille Attestation

Why Embassy Attestation is Required?

Many people are baffled why Education certificate and general documents required attestation, what is the process of getting attestation from various embassies in India, who is the the competent authority to attest these documents. You can call or write us to clears basic attestation question on attestation services in India. Trust Attestation provides Kuwait Embassy attestation & MEA apostille services at affordable price.

In today world authenticated and legalized documents are mandatory whether you are preparing to get admission of your children in a foreign country school or moving abroad for job. Since there are lakhs of people who go abroad for employment / immigration or for any other reason, one of the important things you require to do is documents attestation (Personal, Educational or business papers). If your documentation is not as per immigration law of that country you can face difficulty or rejection to stay and live in that foreign country. Peoples are usually confused with the words attestation & apostille. The idea of document attestation is a sign or a symbol in itself for verifying the authenticity of an education certificate or personal document issued in India. We will help you to know about attestation and why it is required and what is the importance of certificate / documents attestation for moving abroad.

What is attestation?

The attestation is the method of knowing the authenticity of a document issued in India & declaring its genuineness by attaching it with the sign of the competent authority appointed by government. The attestation process needs the submission of original documents as well as photocopies of the same to competent authority for verifying and affixing sign/stamp on prescribed area.

Importance of Documents Attestation

If someone wants to travel to foreign country you requires to apply for a visa and the visa will be issued only when embassy officials have verified your documents thus this make attestation of documents compulsory. If you are applying for a family visa then attestation of the marriage certificate is mandatory.

Types of Documents Attestation

There are three types of documents attestations:

1) State Attestation

State attestation is required before submitting documents to MEA New Delhi for attestation. It depends on type of certificate, which is appropriate state attestation. For example, if documents to be attested are educational certificates, attestation from State Education Department (HRD attestation) is required. In the case of personal certificates, General Administration Department (GAD) of the issuing state should attest the document before they go for attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi.

2) MEA Attestation or Apostille

MEA attestation is done after we simply get attestation from competent and appropriate state authorities.

3) Embassy Attestation

Embassy / Consulate attestation is done after we obtained the MEA attestation.

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