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Procedure UAE Embassy Attestation

UAE Embassy Attestation is a long process which goes through different stages like State/Regional Authentication, Ministerial Attestation and Embassy Attestation because UAE is not a member of Hague Convention.

State / local level Attestation

State level authentication is the first stage of attestation procedure by confirming document verification from qualified issuing authority of the concerned state. Prior submitting educational documents like Degree Certificate, Transcripts etc for MEA & Embassy Attestation it goes to state HRD for Regional verification. In same way in case of commercial documents it goes to Chamber of Commerce first for pre-verification. No matter what the issuing authority of a specific document is, Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Delhi has got the right to pre-verify the document because at times SDM acts as a substitute of Regional/Local level authority.

MEA Attestation

A document for authentication comes to Ministry of External Affairs after getting pre-verification from HRD/Home/Chamber of Commerce or SDM. Now is the time when Ministry validates documents and stamps for promising its authenticity.

UAE Embassy Attestation

At last documents are presented to official deputy of UAE embassy in India for attestation. After attestation from UAE embassy an individual is eligible to get visa for study, work, business and residential purposes.

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